Green Hill Park Civil War Reenactment, Worcester MA, Thursday 11-Sunday 14 October 2012

The Salem Zouaves will serve as the Federal camp’s headquarters guards at the Green Hill Park Civil War Reenactment in Worcester, Massachusetts’ Green Hill Park, on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2012.  (Our own primus inter pares, Paul Kenworthy, will be exercising his New England Brigade rank as the Federal forces’ colonel of infantry.)  No doubt we’ll find time to fit in some demonstrations, too.

Earlier in the week, on Thursday 11 October, the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers will perform a program of Civil War-era social dances and host a Civil War ball in Worcester’s spectacular Mechanics Hall.  Several Zouaves will perform with CVD, and more will (we hope) attend the ball.  We hope that you will, too.

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